Children are unarguably the loveliest set of persons to grace this Earth.

Hence, it is important that they are treated with ample care and affection, so that they can grow up to be individuals that the society can be proud of.

If you observe closely, a good number of people who live rough lives as adults, and engage in all sorts of negative vices, definitely had a bad childhood while growing up.

Parents need to ensure that they do not overlook the welfare of a child. This is the stage where the formation of his entire being takes place, and it is important that parents are actively involved at this phase.

It would be a sorry sight if a child develops a tolerance towards substance abuse without the knowledge of his or her parents. Definitely, that child would be an addict in no time.

Also, parents need to be careful of what they do in the presence of their children. Children pick up things really fast, and since it is coming from someone they trust, their parents, they would most likely imbibe what they see them do.

Hence, parents need to make sure that at all times, they put up behaviors that are worthy of emulation, that their children would grow up with.

In addition to this, parents need to ensure that they do not neglect the nutrition of their child.

For instance, on a general basis, children love sugary foods. However, it is known that too much is dangerous, and it has to be limited.

Hence, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to dish out the appropriate quantity.

Sugary foods should also not be used as incentives to make them do something. Rather, fruits and enough water should be given to children on a frequent basis.

Next, children should also be thought the idea of exercising, there is no need giving them an in-depth explanation at this phase.

All that is needed, is giving them the basic idea that they will understand. As they age, they would certainly have a better idea.

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