The benefits of a Juvenile home

Teenagers who commit offences are taken to a juvenile home instead of a prison. A juvenile home is a place where young individuals are placed for the purpose of reformation.

Basically, the juvenile and the prison play the same role. However, at the Juvenile home, the teenagers are not maltreated as those in the prison.

Here are the benefits of a Juvenile home


When a young individual commits a crime that should land him or her in prison, a juvie is the best place for them to be. One of the reasons why they are taken to the juvenile home is because they are considered too young to know the implications of a committed crime.

Hence, at the juvenile home, the young individual is made to understand the weight of the committed crime. And they would learn why it is not something that should become a habit.

The juvenile home aims to correct bad habits in a young individual so that they don’t grow into adults with the same behavior.


The juvenile home teaches the young individual several things to learn about themselves and the society in general.

They are given the basics of how to contribute their quota to the society as young individuals. Also, they are taught about the various crimes that would warrant an arrest and possibly prison time.

Most of what is taught in a juvenile home is not taught in schools because the individual is undergoing a phase of reformation.

Learn new things/skills

At the juvenile home, the young individual is expected to participate in community service amongst other voluntary work. The young individual would see his or herself in the shoes of other people, which would help to instill the attribute of empathy.

While performing community service, the young individuals would learn various skills to help them become better individuals in the future.

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