It would be hard to come to terms with the fact that a child or teenager would be addicted.

A good number of times, people tend to overlook the fact that adolescents can be addicted, and before they notice, it becomes too late.

In the addiction process, the focus is always on adults and not children, and people seem to forget the fact that, a good number of these adults became addicted at their adolescent age.

This has been an ongoing trend which must be looked into and modified. In the addiction process, everybody should be carried along.

One of the usual causes of addiction in adolescents is inquisitiveness. This is the point of their lives when they want to know how everything works.

In addition, they also want to know the effect of everything they see on their bodies. Judging from what they have seen on Television or the Social Media, they want to have a first-hand experience.

Usually, during the course of all this experimentation, it is done without the supervision of an adult.

There is this fear that is nursed when they want to try something out, so they would rather not involve anyone who is much older than them. They would prefer to involve their peers.  

This is what leads to peer pressure. When adolescents see what their mates are doing, they are often compelled to give it a trial. If they do not, they would not be rated among their peers.

So, they would go ahead not minding if there are detrimental effects attached to this.

If it is substance abuse, the adolescent develops a tolerance for it, and begins taking it on a regular basis. Before you know it, an abuse sets in, and addiction follows shortly.

Without proper monitoring, an adolescent who is addicted, would very likely grow up with this addiction.

Attending to the addiction of adolescents is essential because, it saves us a truckload of adult addiction cases. It is also easier to offer addiction treatment at that age, rather than when they are much older.

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