A Juvenile home is commonly referred to as Juvie, and it is a place for people who are regarded as minority. People in this category are usually teenagers found guilty of committing an offence.

However, they are not qualified to take the same punishment as older adults would. So, what the court would do in this case, is to send them to a Juvenile home.

Sometimes, a Juvenile home is often called a correctional facility, and they are sent here for the purpose of character reformation and the inculcation of good habits which would make them useful to the society.

The court system for Juveniles is however quite different conventional court system.

The Juvenile home places focus on providing help to young children and teenagers.

They act in their best interest, and they do not take the crime committee into consideration. Rather, they use this platform to provide assistance and training to ensure that they stop criminal acts.

On a normal basis, the court does not charge juveniles, as a normal court process would. Rather, the motive is to provide reorientation for them.

Punishing a Juvenile for a crime would deter from the main purpose of a Juvenile home.

A Juvenile court comes with a more informal process, than when contrasted with a conventional court process.

If a Juvenile is pronounced guilty of an offence committed, then the person is placed under adjudication which is a form of hearing.

This is often confidential, so that the ability of the Juvenile to be integrated into the society properly, would not be affected.

This is different from a regular criminal court in which the public and juries are present to hear the case. Then what the judge does is, listen to the evidences presented in court.

There are other related forms of punishment that the juvenile would be required to perform. It could be a detention center, compulsory counseling, community service and the likes.

There are a variety of options that Juvenile court judges select from a range of legal options, so that the safety requirements of the public are met.

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